Welcome to the website of Aircraft Locator Services

We service a niche market created by the AeroSales website where our staff will locate aircraft meeting your requirements through our extensive network of dealers and sellers throughout the world.

Although we are not aircraft dealers but pilots, our continual contact with buyers, sellers and dealers places us in the unique position to broker the sale of your aircraft quickly and efficiently using both the AeroSales dealer network and our own list of buyers who are looking for the aircraft which may just be the one you are selling!.

For our South African clients, we have been mandated to act as purchasers on behalf international dealers, with reciprocal agreements existing in the USA and Australia.

Please contact us to discuss your needs!.

Aircraft Locator Services
Tel: +11 (22) 333-4444 Fax: +11 (22) 333-4455
E-mail: aircraft@aerosales.biz